Valley Propane Torch Kit, 14.1 Oz. Tank

Sale price$24.99


Solid brass pencil tip torch
Includes: pencil tip torch and propane cylinder
Valve control knob allows for infinite flame settings
Loosens rusty bolts
     Removing tile
     Pipe soldering
     Crafts & hobbies
     Plumbing repairs
     Thawing frozen pipes
     Automotive repairs
     Sweat fitting joints
     Bending PVC pipe
     Removing putty & caulking
Kit includes:
     Solid brass pencil tip
     Adjustable torch and 14.1 oz. disposable propane cylinder
Brass pencil tip burner
Replaceable orifice
Adjustable flame knob for control and economy
Solid brass valve body for durability
Solder copper pipes or thaw frozen lines
Light charcoal or wood fires

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