Electrician Choice Premium Cable Zip Wire Ties Heavy Duty 4" to 48" UV Res. Black

Size: 4"
Color: UV Black
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Made of industrial strength nylon 6/6 fire resistant material, and can be used in temperatures ranges from -40F to +185F (-40C to +85C), weather resistant and outdoor in direct sunlight application is not an issue.  The UL Flammability is 94V.2

  • 4"  100 Per Bag 18lb Tensile Strength
  • 6"  100 Per Bag 30lb Tensile Strength
  • 8"  100 Per Bag 75lb Tensile Strength
  • 11"  100 Per Bag 75lb Tensile Strength
  • 14"  100 Per Bag 75lb Tensile Strength
  • 36"  50 Per Bag 175lb Tensile Strength
  • 48"  50 Per Bag 175lb Tensile Strength
Wide Range of Application Zip ties in Daily Life. The heavy duty long cable ties could be used on many occasions in our life such as to organize the cables. the locked zip ties can be used as hook to hang items such on the pegboard or to fasten things such securing the pull tabs of two luggage zipper together, or to direct climbing plants by fastening them on a certain position. The zip tie can make life easier!
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