Genuine First Aid CPR Kit w/ Key Ring Pouch One Way Valve Mask

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CPR Kit offers big protection in a little pouch
  • Hooks right onto your keys for 24 hour peace of mind
  • Carry life saving protection wherever you go
  • Kit contains a CPR barrier and one pair vinyl gloves

  • One Way Valve CPR Mask.

    The CPR Mask is packed in a Keychain bag.

    It is compacted in shape, can be placed into any first aid kit and carried easily.

    It will low resistance unidirectional valve and water filter are combined to block fluid and

    secretions, valves and filters together played a barrier to rescue personnel and sick isolation.


    To the casualty in doing mouth to mouth artificial respiration, avoid contact with the patient's

    mouth, nose and face.

    Includes 2:one pair vinyl gloves
  • Includes:CPR barrier
  • Container Type:Pouch
  • Item:CPR Kit
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